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Here is the Connectopedia Explorer,  Online Knowledge Database of the Connectopedia Software, the Interactive Atlas of Human Brain Anatomy, Vasculature and Functions.


Connectopedia is an interactive atlas of human brain structures, vasculature and functions, using brain connectomics to assess functional pathways of the tasks performed by the brain.

Connectopedia uses the 152 MNI T1 and Cortical Areas (116 areas) Atlas templates for 3D rendering of the structural brain. The 58 Fiber bundles were reconstructed from my own brain, using HARDI 60 directions, b value of 1500, 2 mm isotropic voxel size, and automatically generated and coregistered to the T1 MNI 152 template using DPTOOLS 6.1 and the MedInria 1.9 software suite. The 90 arterial and 54 venous referenced structures were set by manual segmentation on the T1 MNI 152 isotropic 1 mm3 template. Arterial and Venous 3D VR reconstructions were set on TOF and 3D Phase Contrast MR sequences and isotropically 1 mm3 coregistered to the T1 MNI template.

Connectopedia was created to provide to neuroscientists as well as students an easy way of learning, teaching or checking functional neuroanatomy, and is integrated in BrainAnalyst. Assessment of the brain structural and functional connectoms was performed using RTConTrack and the Morphological and Connectomic Atlas of 408 Human Brain Functions.

Neuro-functional and Vasculature Knowledge Databases were set using Wikipedia, and some other references :

  1. Bases of Functional Neuroanatomy, Monica Baciu, de Boeck Editions, 2011
  2. Fiber Pathways of the Brain, Jeremy Schmahmann, Deepak Pandya, Oxford Editions, 2006
  3. Networks of the Brain, Olaf Sporns, MIT Press, 2011
  4. Atlas of Human Brain Connections, Marco Catani, Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Oxford Editions, 2012
  5. Diagnostic Imaging Brain, Ann Osborn, Elsevier 2005
  6. Brain Vasculature, G. Lazorthe, Masson 1961


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Arteries Veins Grey Matter White Matter Morphological and Connectomic Atlas of Human Brain Functions

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