Drunk camping trip

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Drunk camping trip

I am writing to tell about a fun time I had on a camping /trip/">trip with my /girlfriend/">girlfriend on a holiday weekend at a wild campground. We got to the campgrounds around 10:00 pm so we were setting up the tent in the dark but managed to get everything set up.

My girlfriend tells me that she had just gotten her privates waxed that day so no one would see any hair with her skimpy swimsuit. I told her I need to see it right away and pulled her towards me and removed her shorts right there out side by the fire. She tried to resist but once the shorts were down I had my mouth on her pussy fast. Within no time she was not resisting but enjoying being out side getting her pussy eaten and I was having fun and didn’t see other men walking past us.

We finished up and went into our tent for some serious sex and we laughed at the fact others saw her being eaten out. The following day we were at the lake drinking a lot of alcohol and my girlfriend was having fun teasing the guys around us. I told her to slow down on the drinking or she will pass out but she didn’t listen to me we had walked back to our camp.

Once back at camp I started making lunch and my /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend was sitting on the table. I finish making lunch and I see her passed out on the table so I decide to have a little fun with her. I untie her bikini top and bottoms and put them into the tent thinking that it would be fun to watch her get up trying to get to the tent naked. I started to come out of the tent and there were a bunch of men walking to the beach and they see her and come over to investigate. I stay in the tent hiding to see what will happen and things started to happen.

One of the men started to rub her tits and then another one started rub her pussy and my girlfriend started to respond to this treatment. I saw her hands start to react for one of the men’s shorts and pulled at them to get to his penis and the other men saw this and removed there shorts also. I couldn’t believe is my girlfriend had a cock in each hand and then one of the other men moved up and placed his cock to her mouth and to my /surprise/">surprise she started sucking his cock.

By this time I had my cock in my hand stroking it I had told her I wanted to see her take on a group of men and now it was happening all by luck. I know it didn’t take long before one of the men started fucking my girlfriend and I could hear muffled moans from her with a cock in the mouth and in her pussy I bet she was in heaven. I know the man she was sucking was about to blow his load and told her to get ready to swallow and he shoved his cock all the way into her mouth to the base and he tightened up and came in her mouth and I knew she swallowed it all. As soon as her finished Cumming he was replaced by another one and the guy in her pussy said I hope you are on the pill because I am going to fill you full /bitch/">bitch and then he tightened up and come in her this wwwxxx went one for a quite a while then the men said they better leave before some one sees them and they all took off.

I emerge from my tent and see my girlfriend on the table with cum all over her and I couldn’t believe how much cum she received. She started to sit up and I could see cum running down her face and down her tits. Then she said how did I like the show and I told her how hot it was watching her take on all these men and that I loved the look of her with all the cum on her face and all over her body. She tells me to come over there and when I get over there she reaches up and gives me a deep kiss and I could taste the other men on her lips and tong and it was getting me even hotter.

I was thrown off when she grabbed my head and pushed it onto her cum covered tits and said if I want to fuck her I need to do a lot of clean up since she took on all those men for me. I couldn’t resist her since I was busting at the seams but I tried to get her to go into the tent first but she said no. I want everyone to see how much you love me by cleaning me the wwwxxx up here in the open. What could I do but I started sucking the cum off her tits and working one those nipples and she started to moan and without warning she pushed me between her legs and yells clean your sluts well fucked hole out now. I could not believe how loud she was getting and how much cum was in her pussy.

I swear she made me eat a gallon of cum from her pussy with every orgasms she had more of the cum would leak out. Then she yells I want you to fuck your sluts hole now and I wasted no time in dropping my pants and started fucking her but she was so loose that you could hardly feel her pussy walls. I finish her off and /pussy/pussy-cum/cumming-in-her-pussy/">cumming in her pussy and once done she tells me that it was fun and we should do it again and I have to tell her to slow down and let the alcohol ware off the rest of the way. I put her in the tent and she falls to sleep fast. When my girlfriend woke up she was sore every ware and said that she will not have sex like that again there were too many men for her and I would only get oral tell she feels better.

We went back to the beach and the cool water made her feel a little better and she asked how many men had her that afternoon and I told her 6 plus me and I was proud of her skills and I think the men were to. I saw the men walk past the camp site a few times that weekend but my girlfriend was not up for any more fun the rest of the weekend but she would give me a blow job is I want so I agree.

When we leave the camp the men walk by and I tell my girlfriend that those are all the men she fucked the day before and she tells them hope we can do it again next holiday weekend. I was surprised by what I created in her someone who needs more than one cock in her every once in a while. Wow she was hot.