London The sequel

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London The sequel

The next morning my indian santali xvideo /mom/">mom yelled at me while I was in my bed . It was Alex on the phone , I don?t think I ever ran that fast . Arriving downstairs my mom was waiting for me , holding the phone , smiling . I smiled back and took the phone . Yes , it was Alex . I was so happy to hear his voice , the butterflies started flying around again inside my belly . While I talked with Alex , my mom was sitting at the table , watching me , smiling , enjoying to see her /daughter/">daughter being in love . I realized I missed Alex and I wanted to see him . He agreed cause he missed me too so we decided to meet in the park in the afternoon . I laid down the phone . My mom wanted to know everything about Alex . I told her everything , that he was as old as me , 18 years old , in the same school as me . You know , all the things a mom needs to know about your new boyfriend , that means , not too much .

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon . I raised myself out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my wet body . Another towel was used to dry my hair . I took enough time to take a relaxing bath , shaved my legs and the rest what needs to be shaved . About 40 minutes later I was dressed and ready to go to the park . The park wasn?t far away from my home , about 5 minutes walking . I grabbed my stuff and made my way to the park . As I arrived I noticed Alex wasn?t there yet so I placed myself on a bench . Some kids were playing . I know how much the readers enjoy reading detailed descriptions when its about the clothes I am wearing so I am going to try to give a very close description to what I was wearing that day . Here it comes , I was wearing a Denim buckle pleat skirt , it was a sexy wrap-around skirt with distressed denim with box pleating , adjustable double buckle and butting fastening with a seriously short low waist . This together with a cut out sleeve round neck jumper with soft , stretchy ribbed fabric , sexy cut-out shoulder pieces , slim fit with scoop neck . And shoes , well I was wearing a feminine and fashionable elastic quarter strap with a rounded toe and a 2? heel . I hope you guys and girls have a good imagination and you fantasize the way I looked while I was sitting there on that bench waiting for Alex . Aah there he was , a little late but at least he was there . I got up from the bench and walked to him , opening my arms , so happy to see him again . He opened his arms and we gave each other a big hug . I didn?t want to let him go , I hugged him so tight as I could . I lifted my head , and gave him a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss . Telling him how much I missed him and stuff as we walked through the park , hand in hand . This was the start of our relationship . He asked me to come to his home so we walked to his house not far away from the park either . 

There was nobody home at that moment . I think Alex knew that . We went to his room and laid down on the bed and we started kissing . I was laying on my back , Alex crawled on top of me , our tongues flicking around , my hands roaming over his back . Ooh I missed this so much . We rolled all over the bed , kissing , touching , straddling , hugging , all the stuff newly fresh couples like to do . The sun was shining into the room . It was warm inside his room , the window was open . Fresh air making its way inside . Alex his hand was straddling over my thighs , moving to the inside of my thigh , up towards my string under my skirt . The palm of his hand rubbed over my pussy . I moaned softly as we kissed . His hand slowly pulled my string aside and his finger ran up between my /wet/pussy-wet/wet-pussy-lips/">wet pussy lips . His finger found my clit and started to run around in circles , making my body squirm over the bed . Alex was enjoying this and asked if I wanted to feel his mouth down there . I nodded yes . I want to hear you say it sweetie he said . ?Mmh I wanne feel your tongue down there Alex? . He smiled and got down between my legs after I had spread them for him . He grabbed my string and pulled it down , tossing it on the floor . He lowered his head between my legs and not much later I felt the tip of his tongue moving up my pussy . Ooh yes , this felt so good , and I was so horny . His hands pushed my legs wide open as his mouth was licking all over my pussy , aching for his tongue so much . My hips were shaking as his tongue flicked all over my clit . I grabbed the sheets and pulled as he was making me so ready for my orgasm . I was moaning louder , his finger had already found its way inside alain lyle porn my went pussy while his tongue kept lapping up my juices . Suddenly a car drives in . Alex got up fast and ran to the window , damn it was his mom and his sister who came home . I grabbed my string and pulled it back on quickly . Why the fuck did this had to happen now , couldn?t they wait 5 more minutes till after I had my orgasm ? Alex grabbed my hand as we ran downstairs and placed ourselves in the couch and turned on the TV . Right on time before his mom came into the room . My face was still a little red . Alex introduced me to his mom and we talked for a while . It was getting late and I had to be home for dinner so we said goodbye and I went home . That evening we phoned again and the call lasted 2 hours . No need to tell what it was all about . Much more was gonna happen in our relationship .

I am going to skip some parts and I am going to the more erotic stuff . About 3 weeks later , I invited Alex to come over to my home on a Saturday . My parents and my brother an sister were gone all day so we had the house to ourselves . Alex was coming over around 6 pm so I had to get everything ready before I arrived . I was planning on making it a romantic evening so I filled my room with candles , lots of candles , romantic music playing in the CD player . I was wearing a stretched cut faded boot fit jeans , a plain speaking T-shirt saying ? I?m a mess? , a Thriump red velvet string with matching bra , and the same shoes as that other time in the park , the 
feminine and fashionable elastic quarter strap with a rounded toe and a 2? heel . And off course a little bit of perfume called Angel . I looked at the clock , almost 6 pm . The doorbell rang , it was Alex . He bought me flowers , how /sweet/">sweet of him . I placed his lovely , good smelling flowers in a vase after giving him a big hug and a even bigger kiss . I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me as we went to my bedroom .

We walked into my bedroom , the curtains were closed . The only light in the room was the candlelight . I closed the door behind us . This moment was something I was looking forward too for a quite a while . Many nights I fantasized about having sex with Alex while I was masturbating . And that moment finally arrived . I laid myself on the bed . Alex crawled on top of me and we started kissing ,our hands roaming over our bodies . I felt how his cock was growing inside his pants . It was pushing against my leg . Alex started to undress me , first my shoes , slowly taking off my pants and T-shirt , followed by my bra and string . I was laying naked on the bed as I watched how Alex undressed himself too . Oooh his had such a sexy body . When he dropped his boxers , his cock jumped out . It was already stiff . And I was pretty sure that I was soaking wet too . Alex laid down beside me and his hand roamed over my breasts , slowly mowing downwards as he started to caress my pussy . My pussy was shaved was moist . I parted my legs a little bit wider for him . His index finger slowly made circles on my clit causing me to start moaning a bit . I had my eyes closed , enjoying all this very intense . Sometimes his finger moved down and slipped inside my pussy to make it wet before he continued to rub my clit in circles . The joy caused me to arch my back once in a while . He kissed me on the lips as he slipped 2 wet fingers inside my pussy , spreading my pussy lips as he started moving those fingers in and out . This felt good , he was making me ready for his cock . I told him I wanted to feel his cock inside me . He smiled and got between my legs . I reached for a condom laying beside my bed and handed it over to Alex . He opened it and pulled the condom over his cock . He laid down on me as he slowly guided his cock inside my pussy , spreading me wide open . He kissed me again as his shaft slowly moved all the way inside me . This felt so good . I hadn?t had any cock in months and the feeling of a cock inside your pussy is so good and intense . Specially if it?s the cock of a person who you love . Alex started moving up and down , his cock moving in and out of my soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy . I wrapped my arms around him as we were making love to each other . After a while he started to move a little faster and deeper . My breathe was picking up the pace . I was moaning , telling him sweet things . 

Some time had passed as we switched positions . This time Alex was laying down and I got on top of him . He grabbed his shaft and guided it inside my pussy again . I started moving up and down , feeling his cock move all the way inside my pussy each time I lowered my body on him . I laid my hands on his chest as I started riding faster . By his moaning I could tell he was enjoying this . I felt an orgasm building inside me as I rocked faster and harder . A few seconds later the orgasm reached its maximum . This felt sooo good . I was screaming it out while I kept riding that cock slowly . Juiced ran down his shaft . Yeah this was what I was longing for so long . My legs were feeling tired now but Alex didn?t cum yet . He grabbed me and laid me down my stomach , face down . I was exhausted . Alex laid down on top of me and guided his cock inside my pussy from behind . I never had a cock inside me this way before and I must admit this felt very intense . He started moving his hard shaft in and out . I told him not to go too deep inside me cause each time he went to deep it hurts that way . He moved faster and harder . His orgasm started boiling inside his balls . With hard strokes and hard moans his cum exploded and he finally got the orgasm he was working for . Exhausted he felt down beside me and we hugged for a while . 

Around 11 pm Alex left my house . This was the first but not the last time we had sex . Many more sexual adventures have happened after that one . And maybe in another story I will write about those adventures . I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Again , this was a true story , no /fantasy/">fantasy . So if you don?t like my story , maybe you don?t like /reality/">reality ?