Lunch then afters

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Lunch then afters

Lesley and Sandra had enjoyed a lovely lunch catching up on the last six months. They had also enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine, and as they walked arm in arm back to Lesley’s house for a coffee they were a little giggly. Once they got there Lesley let them in and went to put on the coffee machine.
’Fancy a little something in that?’ asked Lesley
’Oh, go on then. You’ve twisted my arm’ laughed Sandra.

Lesley added two very large measures of brandy to the coffee and they went through to the lounge to carry on chatting. As the brandy started to add to the effects of the wine the chat got more and more risqu’. After they had spent some time discussing men they’d know and men they’d like to know, Lesley asked ’What about /women/">women?’
’What do you mean, what about women?’
’Have you ever fancied any?’
’Why, have you?’
’Of course, I’ve even played with a couple. And I’ve always fancied you’

Sandra was completely taken aback by this double revelation, and sat there in stunned silence.
’You mean you never knew I fancied you?’
’Well, no. Blimey, how could I?’
’I’ve flirted with you often enough. Didn’t you notice me touching your leg while we chatted over lunch?’
’Oh my. I thought that was just innocent fun.’
’It was fun, but it could be even better if it was less innocent!’
’How do you mean?’
’Let me show you’

With that Lesley reached out and gently stroked Sandra’s hair and cheek. As Sandra involuntarily closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, Lesley put one finger between her lips. Sandra instinctively sucked gently at her friend’s finger. At the same time she felt Lesley’s other hand rest upon her knee and then slowly start to work its way up her thigh, pushing the hem of her slinky dress upwards as it progressed towards its goal.

Sandra knew that this was insane, but there was no doubt that the touch of Lesley’s fingers as they reached her lacy panties felt unbelievably nice. She bokep sma pecah perawan obediently stood up when Lesley told her to, and put up no resistance when Lesley hooked her fingers in the top of her panties and very slowly pulled them downwards over her hips and thighs, before letting them fall to the floor.

As Lesley stroked and caressed her buttocks with one hand she used the other to tease her clit, rubbing back and forwards over its hardness. Such was her excitement when Lesley started to fuck her with two fingers that she never heard the front door open. Only when she heard him say ’Bloody hell’ did she realise that Lesley’s husband Dave had come home early.

Sandra felt mortified. She’d know Lesley and Dave for years, but to be caught in their kitchen with his wife’s fingers up her pussy was just too much. She waited for the shouting match to start, but was amazed to see them smiling at each other. Lesley sensed her /surprise/">surprise ’It’s OK. Dave knows how much I fancy you. I think he’s quite keen himself’.

Dave confirmed the fact with a smile as his hand reached down to his crotch and grabbed the obvious bulge in his jeans. At his suggestion they went through to the lounge, and with the women sat on the sofa watching he stripped off until he was completely naked. Sandra couldn’t take her eyes of his impressive and extremely /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, as he slowly stroked it. He in turn was watching his wife finger one of their oldest friends.

At Lesley’s nod Dave sat down on the sofa between them. He turned to kiss Sandra and at that moment she knew there was no turning back and she returned his kiss with total abandonment. While they were kissing Lesley took Sandra’s hand and guided it to Dave’s cock. She wrapped her fingers around him and started to wank up and down his length, while Lesley leaned over and took the tip of his cock in her mouth and teased him with her tongue.

Lesley was now clearly in charge of proceedings and when she said ’I want to see you ride him’ Sandra and Dave both knew it was going to happen. Dave laid back on the sofa and Sandra sat on his lap with her back to him, raising her dress she lowered herself onto him, relishing the sensation as she felt his big /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick slide easily into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy.

The sight of her husband fucking her /friend/best-friend/">best friend was obviously affecting Lesley hugely. Climbing onto the arm of the sofa she knelt behind Sandra and began to try and ease her breasts out of her dress. The design of the straps on the dress were making this difficult to achieve, and as her patience ran out Lesley began to literally tear away at Sandra’s dress. Once it had started to rip she had no problem in tearing all the way down the front so her dress was hanging completely open.

This allowed Lesley to clamp her mouth onto one of Sandra’s nipples and suck and nibble greedily, breaking off occasionally to tease it with her tongue. At the same time she reached down and ran her fingers over Sandra’s clit and Dave’s cock as he slid it in and out. Her fingers quickly became wet with Sandra’s juices and she brought them up to Sandra’s mouth. For the second time that afternoon she was sucking her friend’s fingers, but this time they were covered in her own moistness and it was turning her on incredibly.

Once her fingers had been licked clean Lesley moved round until she was kneeling in front of them and started to lick at Dave’s balls. Sandra could feel the effect this was having on him as he started to thrust into her even harder than previously. When Lesley’s tongue continued up past his balls and onto his cock, Sandra could sense the closeness of her friend’s mouth to her pussy as Dave’s cock was pushing into her with increasing urgency. She felt simultaneously uncomfortable and turned on at the thought of Lesley’s mouth being so close, but when Lesley’s tongue actually made contact with her clit, the sensation drowned out all others, and she began to ride Dave harder. Lesley was now grabbing her hips and doing her best to keep her tongue in contact with her clit. The double sensation of a hard cock thrusting inside her and the licking of her pussy became all too much, and Sandra tensed and arched her back as she groaned loudly while her orgasm engulfed her.

The tightening of her pussy on Dave’s cock brought him to the edge of orgasm himself, and as Lesley sensed this she pulled his cock out of Sandra and started to suck greedily. It only took seconds before he started to explode into her mouth. She kept her lips clamped tightly around him as he unloaded his cum, and kept sucking until every last drop was gone and then she licked him clean all the way down to his balls.

Sandra was getting turned on again watching this, but felt that she had probably had enough old waman xxxgx excitement for one day. Lesley looked up at her and smiled, and she knew that this wasn’t going to be a one-off.