Missing Natalie

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Missing Natalie

During the summer after my first year of /college/">college, I lived with a guy named Ryan in a two-bedroom apartment close to campus. My /girlfriend/">girlfriend Natalie had stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv gone out of town for two weeks, leaving me with no one to do. Our sex life was pretty active, so within about six hours of her leaving I was on the internet, searching for something to help me beat off to ease the tension. Ryan sensed my desperation and, like all problems in college, decided the solution was alcohol.

Armed with a bottle of vodka, we took to drinking. We got pretty fucking trashed and I started to think about Natalie.

?You miss her, don?t you?? Ryan said.

?Yeah.? There was no point in me lying; it was fairly obvious.

?I?ve got just the thing to get your mind off of her.?

He went to his room and returned with a videotape. Even drunk, I could surmise what was on it. As it started playing, my expectations were met and exceeded. It was porn, but of a scale and quality I had never seen before. There were many people of both genders, interacting with each other freely. Man on woman. Woman on woman. Man on? man?

I began to get intensely aroused. My cock stirred in my pants, a behemoth awakening from its slumber to form a seven-inch tent in my pants. I glanced over at Ryan and saw similar effects on him. He absent-mindedly rubbed the bulge through the fabric of his jeans. I was transfixed, staring at the back and forth motion of his fingertips on that phallic shape. Suddenly, he stood up and faced me. The bulge was about at my eye level.

?I know what you were looking at.?

?Dude? what are you talking about?? I feigned ignorance, even though I was sober enough at this point to understand exactly what was going on and drunk enough to want it desperately.

?I know you?ve thought about it. The feel of my cock. The taste of my cum. You want it? it?s yours.?

I didn?t need and further encouragement. I grabbed his jeans and tugged them down, revealing his six-inch uncut dick. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled it within range of my lips. Hesitantly, I tongued the clear droplets of precum. white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie It was /sweet/">sweet.

Without warning, he put his hand on my head and forced his cock all the way into my mouth. I could feel it pulsing against my tongue ? it was delicious. He started to fuck my face, slowly at first, then faster until his balls slapped against my chin. He moaned. I felt his dick twitch as he started to come, torrents of frothy man-juice exploding into my mouth. He pulled out as the last burst hit my cheek. Ryan bent down and delicately sucked it off my face.

?See?? he whispered. ?Didn?t that get your mind off of her?? 

?There?s one more thing you could do for me.?

I grabbed him and roughly forced him to the floor, his ass up in the air. I held him down firmly, released my own turgid tool, and pressed it against his anus. I shoved into him as hard and as deep as I could, burying myself in him.

?Oh god, yes,? he said. ?Fuck me!?

I fucked him hard, violently, ignoring his cries of discomfort. My thighs slapped against his ass and I started to sweat. I was panting, moaning. His own cries had turned into solid groans as his cock responded. I reached around and started to jerk his still-damp piece until he ejaculated on the carpet. I pulled out as I felt myself start to orgasm and my cum sprayed all over his back. Spent, I collapsed onto the rug next to him.

?Now that,? I panted, ?was a distraction.?

Ryan looked at me and smiled. ?I think I?m going to enjoy living with you.?